Home Sweet Home

It has been a very long time coming, but I am finally in my new digs. The peeps & us pups moved in just after Thanksgiving. It took a while for me to settle in and realize that this house was going to be my permanent new home. It really clicked when my “throne” was put into place.


This is me laying in my “throne”. The world is right when the throne is mine.

Then in early January we had our first snow in our new home. It was pretty, but it didn’t last very long. In fact our temperatures this winter have been above normal. We hit 80 degrees earlier this month!


First snowfall since moving in

And here’s a group photo of us pups sitting pretty in our new digs. The Mom was bribing us with a cookie. That’s why Pixie’s tail is wagging 90 miles an hour and she is busy licking her lips!


Family photo time – December 2016

Le Pew!

I think one of Pepe’s relatives was visiting my neighborhood last night…. but first let me set the scene.

Mom gets home from work and gives all 3 of us pups a bath – we had spent the weekend enjoying some nice clay mud on the construction site, so everyone needed a bath. Myself, I  personally love baths, I get one every week & I hop into the tub willingly. My siblings, Pixie & Ugg, they do not enjoy baths so much and mom has to carry them into the bathroom.

After we had eaten our kibble & dried off, we spent most of the evening laying around while mom caught up on laundry & TV time. Around 8:30pm or so, Pixie & I  decide to go outside – no big deal, we have a doggie door. A few minutes later, mom hears the door open again & Pixie comes bee bopping back in & hops up on the ottoman in front of mom. Oh my goodness! A trail of smell comes wafting off of Pixie & right into mom. It was the distinct aroma of skunk!  Of course mom has to do the sniff test and yes, Pixie does smell like a skunk. Mom decides that the stink is light enough that she can cover it up with the lilac scented dog perfume she bought years ago. So, Pixie gets a good coating of flower stink and mom goes checks the yard, but doesn’t see or smell any skunks. I was a good boy, I didn’t come back inside with any skunk smell on me!

Then around 9pm, she hears the dog door open again. Seems like Ugg had gone outside & when he came back in he jumped up on the ottoman and guess what?! He smelled like a skunk too! This was too much! The dog door was sealed off for the next hour. Ugg got to smell like pretty lilac for the evening just like Pixie.

Mom searched the yard again & in the corner near the woods, she could smell a skunk. She’s guessing that Pixie & Ugg must have went to that corner to investigate something and ran through a lingering stink cloud!


Very Slow Progress

Well friends… I had hoped to share news of my new digs by now. However, the move hasn’t happened because the house isn’t finished. My pawrents are very unhappy about this considering they were told we should be in sometime in July. It is now almost mid-October and you can see where we are to date in the photo below.

House progress to date

House progress to date

The parents are ready to take over the build from the contractor. They figure they can get things done just as fast as he has and probably faster. Needless to say this experience has not been pleasant.

Mom is thinking that it will be closer to Christmas before we can move in — just in time for the snow to start. At least I will have some very large windows to look out and survey my domain while enjoying the comforts of a toasty fireplace.

Almost A Year

Boy! It’s been almost a year since my last entry – my typist has really been slacking!!

So what’s been going on since last summer? We had some pretty cold & icy winter weather, glad us pups were snug in the warm house during those days. Pixie has been on chipmunk patrol almost every day, weather permitting. She will even sit out on watch during light rain showers. That girl is dedicated to her sport! Ugg is still being an annoying pest but he’s the apple of dad’s eye, so I have to tolerate him.

The parent’s have been busy pretty much every weekend. They are trying to finish up our tiny “weekend cabin” and they have been busy trying to coordinate the building of our new home. This new home will get Pixie back closer to her North Carolina roots since that is where she was born and our new home is around 24 miles away from the NC state line. I think I will like living in the mountains – plenty of wildlife to watch, deers, turkeys, lizards, etc. The only thing I will miss is barking at the weekly trash pick up guys, UPS & FedEx deliveries and the mailman. Those things are not an option where the house is going. Sigh… I really hope the wildlife will make enough appearances to keep my barking voice in shape.

Here’s the view I will be enjoying from my future new deck in the late fall & early spring.


Summer Recap

Well, since I haven’t been on top of things – I guess I need to do a summer recap.

In late July, we said good-bye to my kitty sibling Bucky Kat. Bucky had went into kidney failure and the pawrents decided it would be the kindest thing to end her suffering. Bucky & I had a special love/hate relationship. I miss that old girl.

The pawrents are trying to sale one of the houses they own. So far tons of lookers, but no buyers. The lack of buyers put a damper on summer vacation plans. No sand between this boy’s toes this year. Bummer..

We did spend some time at our cabin on the site of our future home. That was nice. I pointed the deer that jumped out of the woods to mom one afternoon. The next day I alerted her to about 15 turkeys wandering around in the woods. I think I’m going to like living there full-time! Plenty of wildlife to keep me busy!

That pretty much covers my summer in review. Not very exciting, but that’s a dogs life.


Summertime & Ice Cream

Mom worked from home for about an hour yesterday – I love it when she does that! All us pups greeted her at the door and boy were we busy panting. She figures we had been up to no good out in the yard. I don’t know why she would think that! Anyway, she took a glance at the thermometer and realized that it was 95 degrees outside! YIKES! That was toasty! Why we would be outside instead of inside the air-conditioned house made no sense to her. She figured it wouldn’t hurt to convince us to stay inside and cool down a little. So she pulled out some blackmail from the freezer…. freshly made, homemade Frosty Paws! OH My DOG! I love me some frosty paws! I hope mom comes home early today and hands out more of those wonderful, cold, tasty treats!

I wish my bowl of frosty paws was huge!

I wish my bowl of frosty paws was huge!

Sick Sibling

My kitty sibling, Bucky Kat, isn’t feeling very well. We were out of town for a couple days last weekend and when we got back, mom noticed that Bucky wasn’t acting herself. We kept close watch on her for a few days and it seemed like she was improving. But by Friday she was acting “off” again. So mom made an appointment for a vet visit on Saturday morning.

Turns out Bucky was dehydrated and the vet wanted to run some blood work to see if something else was going on. We are waiting on those results to come back today, so Bucky has been spending some quality time at the vet’s office. It also seems that she has lost all or most of her vision. 😦 My poor kitty sister is really old, but I really like her, so I hope we get good news this afternoon.

If you could spare a little positive thinking and send it Bucky’s way, I’d appreciate it.

Bucky Kat

Bucky Kat